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 What's Stopping You? | Upgrade In Progress

Don’t expect results from excuses.


It’s late at night and you should be in bed, but instead you’re reading motivational self-help posts.  You read the success stories of others and you feel inspired.  You tell yourself that this time you’re going to make the leap and pursue that new career/relationship/travel opportunity, whatever it is that your heart desires.  By the next day you’re back to thinking it’s not meant for you.  Why though, what’s really stopping you from achieving your goals?

A lot of people will say something like “I hate my job but can’t quit, I have bills to pay.” or “I don’t have the connections to make that work.” or “I’m never going to succeed so why try?”.  Do you know what all of these are?  Excuses.  They are what is stopping you from achieving something better in life.

I recently read an inspiring story about a guy that realized he wasn’t cut out for the corporate life.  He’d been moving up the career ladder and was doing well for himself but didn’t feel fulfilled at the end of the day.  He quit his job, sold what he could, traveled, and ended up starting a business that makes him feel fulfilled with his life’s work.  Great story and not unlike other’s that I’ve read and felt inspired by.

At the end of the post there were many comments.  Most were positive, but one stood out to me.  This comment said basically – Great story but the rest of us can’t just up and quit our jobs.  I have mouths to feed so how about we swap salaries and I’ll pursue my dreams.

A while ago I would’ve agreed with the commenter.  I would have read their comment, nodded my head in agreement, lost my motivation, and been dragged back into the mindset of nice-for-others-just-not-for-you.  Not this time though.

Instead I was disappointed that the reader didn’t get the jist of the story.  It wasn’t about quitting your job and traveling the world.  It was about taking the necessary steps to achieve a life that you felt happy with.  Something I think that reader probably want’s pretty badly.  Rather than getting the message they found an excuse as to why they couldn’t pursue their own dreams.

That’s all they had though – an excuse.  We all have excuses.  Those people that we admire are the ones that recognize their excuses and then figure out how to overcome them.

Making a life change takes time and planning.  There’s no getting around that.  Saying you can’t pursue your dreams because you can’t reach them today is an excuse.  Those people that you admire weren’t always happy with their position in life.  The big difference between them and you is that they found a way to make their dreams reality.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  It’s up to us on how we use that time.  Sure, each of us has a different set of responsibilities but if we want something badly enough then we’ll make time for it.  If not, we’ll make an excuse as to why we don’t have the time, money, knowledge, other people’s support, and the list goes on.

At the end of the day we have to live with our choices.  If we choose to let excuses dictate our lives then that’s a choice we have to live with.  I’ve made plenty of excuses too, but none of them brought me any closer to my dreams.  Now I’m moving towards my own ideal life by not letting my excuses stop me.

What are the excuses that hold you back?  How could you start changing your mindset to overcome those excuses  Let’s hear it!


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