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Detox Your Mind and Body | Upgrade In Progress

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

- Unknown

You overdid it.  Too much eating, worrying, drinking, stressing, you name it.  Now it’s time to give yourself a break and detox your body and mind from all of the junk you’ve been taking in.

How do you detox from all of it though?  I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit.  It’s time to take back some sense of control in my life and that means resetting.  I’m moving past the negative activities I’ve been engaging in.

A detox doesn’t have to be some big undertaking.  It shouldn’t be or else you’ll be less likely to do it.  The ideas I’m going to suggest are things that shouldn’t cause you extra stress.  They’re fairly easy ways to release whatever it is that’s muddying up your life.  With that in mind let’s get started.

For Your Mind

Our minds are under a constant state of being turned on.  From home issues to workplace drama to social media happenings, we’re thinking about multiple things that we don’t always need to.  This can cause us stress which leads to a multitude of other issues.  Instead of that let’s consider some ways to turn off all that extra noise.

Turn Off The News - Being informed is one thing, being over informed is another.  When we are constantly inundated with information we let it become all consuming.  Limit your news consumption, this includes social media, to 10 minutes or less for a weekend.  If something major happens you’ll find out, otherwise enjoy letting your brain take a break from all of the negative information out there.

Actively Think Positive Thoughts - Negative thoughts pop up when you least expect them.  Once they’re there it’s hard to get rid of them.  Instead of focusing on whatever negativity popped up, think about the positives that go along with it.  Refocusing on a positive thought will help to reset your brain into not always thinking about the negatives out there.

Work On A Goal or Project That You Like - Put your brain to work on something that brings you happiness.  It can be finishing that book you started ages ago, writing out your life plan, or just reorganizing your junk drawer.  Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you enjoy, and then go at whole-heartedly.

For Your Body

We demand a lot out of our bodies, but we don’t always give them the attention they deserve.  Lack of exercise, drinking heavily, and eating processed or sugary foods seems to be the norm anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for us.  Let’s look at a couple of simple changes we can make to help our bodies detox.

Cut Out The Junk - We think that eating our favorite comfort food makes us feel better, but studies out there show that isn’t the case.  If you want to detox your body then start by eliminating the junk like alcohol, excessive caffeine (a little is fine), processed foods, and sugar.

Eat Clean – When you’re cutting out the junk replace it with whole, natural foods like fruit, veggies, lean proteins, and drink plenty of water.  Try green tea while you’re at it.  It has a little kick of caffeine but is also good for you.  You’ll notice you feel less sluggish and heavy after one day of clean eating.

Stretch – Everyone can benefit from light stretching.  You’ll be improving your flexibility and releasing muscle tension if you start incorporating stretching into your regular activities.  Plus, stretching increases your circulation which will increase your energy levels.

We all need to detox from life’s stresses, probably more often than we actually do.  I know it’s tough to step away from the computer and the donut, but it’s worth it.  Try one or two things from this list and see how you feel.

Do you ever try to detox from life?  What helps you get back on track?  Let’s hear it!

Change Your Mindset


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Change Your Mindset | Upgrade In Progress

If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind.

- Donald Altman

Each of us wants to move towards a life that we feel happy and comfortable with.  A lot of the time, in order to get there, we have to enact some type of change into our life.  We may have to change careers, lose weight, leave a relationship, or move somewhere completely new.  Whatever the change is, we see that it’s a necessity in order to get to where we want to be.

So, what do you do when the change you thought you needed isn’t the right thing for you anymore?  That can be a tough realization to make and an even tougher thought to act on.  When you’ve been actively working towards your new goal you don’t want to backtrack.

Sometimes that’s exactly what you’ll have to do.  You changed your mindset about a situation, and now you’ll need to change it again to keep moving forward.

I recently experienced this in regards to my career path.  I had decided that corporate life wasn’t for me.  I wanted to pursue a freelance writing career so I researched, wrote article ideas, joined online groups, paid for multiple courses, and set a timeline for when I’d leave my current job.

Then, quite surprisingly, things started to change at work.  My salary, which was cut earlier in the year, was fully reinstated.  I was asked to take on additional responsibilities that are interesting to me.  Overall, the attitude in the office improved.  With all of these improvements I started feeling uneasy about just up and leaving.

I went back and forth about it; telling myself that if I stayed I was only doing it out of fear of the unknown.  Sure, freelancing is a scary avenue to take, but it was more than that.  I didn’t want to set myself back financially and career-wise by leaving somewhere that wasn’t a cause for daily insecurity anymore.

I realized that I needed to change my mindset about my previous decision.  I’m still pursuing writing, but on my own terms, not with an all-or-nothing mindset that takes the fun out of it.  I’m open to new career possibilities, but only the ones that are interesting and an upgrade as compared to where I am now.  The biggest change is that I’m staying in my current job until one of these other things work out.  Before this realization I was leaving when I hit my deadline, regardless of whether I was bringing in an income from another source.

It was difficult to get to this point.  I felt like I was giving up.  As I thought about it though I knew I had to change again.  I had to do what was best for me, not what I thought other people were waiting for me to do.

Life is fluid and we have to adjust daily to the changes taking place around us.  We have to give ourselves permission to change our mindset at any given time and make the best decisions we can for ourselves.  It can be tough for some of us, but it will help to move us along to where we truly want to be.

What about you?  Have you worked towards a big life change only to realize you needed to change course?  Let’s hear it!



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