Each Day Is A Fresh Start


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Each Day Is A Fresh Start | Upgrade In ProgressBad days happen; they are what make the good days that much better.  When you have a bad day you don’t want it to carry over into the next day.  Still, some of us will wake up the next day thinking about the mistakes, problems, or bad feelings from the day before.  Instead, we should be treating each day as a fresh start.

When you carry over the negatives from one day you almost guarantee that you’re going to have another bad day.  You’re still focused on whatever went wrong and that’s stopping you from focusing on the good in a new day.

It’s not always easy to treat a new day as a fresh start.  It’s up to you to put the past behind you and start with a clean slate.  While it can be difficult, it’s worth it.

I’ve been dealing with this quite a bit lately.  Knowing that it’s time to leave my job makes the work week that much harder to get through.  Tack on the impatience to leave and the ongoing stresses there and you’ve got someone who’s carrying one bad day into the next.

I don’t want to drag my days down with yesterday’s issues, but like I said, it’s not easy to start fresh sometimes.  I know I have to though in order to move forward with improving my life.  Wallowing in yesterday’s stress isn’t doing that.

So, starting tomorrow I’ll be treating each day as a fresh start.  In order for tomorrow to be a new day I’ll have to deal with my irritations the night before.  This means that I will need to address the issues that need addressing and then let the remaining ones end with the day.  Carrying around minor grievances will not improve my life.

In addition to addressing issues, I’ll also put in place some dedicated “me-time”.  A hot bubble bath does wonders for my mental state.  I’ve noticed that my attitude is much better when I do something nice for myself, especially after a work day.  For me that means taking a bath or reading a book.  I’ve also been thinking about taking up meditation again.  I’ve tried it a few times but have yet to find my groove.  I remember feeling more calm when I was practicing regularly.

During this time I’ll also remind myself of all the good things I have in my life.  We all have things in our life to be grateful for and we shouldn’t take them for granted.  I know that when I allow the negatives from a day carry over I am not appreciating the good things in life.

When my head hits the pillow I will have released my anger, frustration, irritation, sadness, etc. from the day, rejuvenated my mental state with valuable “me-time”, and reminded myself of all the things I am thankful for in my life.  When I wake up, the next day will be a fresh start for me to live as I want.

Those are just a few suggestions for giving yourself a fresh start to the day.  What do you do to start your day fresh?  Or, do you carry around yesterday’s bad day?  Let’s hear it!





Challenge Yourself To Change



Challenge Yourself To Change | Upgrade In Progress

If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you could become.

- Unknown

There is a lot that’s exciting about moving towards a goal.  You feel proud when you accomplish small tasks, hopeful as you read success stories, and excited about completing your plans.  At some point on this journey you may realize that you’re not challenging yourself to change as much as you had thought.

It’s not that you don’t want to, because you do.  It’s that fear is holding you back, even if you don’t realize it right away.  You started off taking baby steps and you made progress towards your goals.  Then, when it was time to take a bigger step you balked.

Instead of the bigger step you did more little steps.  At some point all that’s left is a bigger challenge.  You may have to deal with some undesirable feelings like anxiety, doubt, and fear.  This uncomfortable feeling means you are on the right path.  Change is tough so if you’re not feeling nervous or scared then you are probably not really pushing yourself to change.

Remember that what you’re feeling now is similar to where you were before this.  Before you even started acting on your goals you felt these things and you pushed past them.  The person you are now is happier because you faced your fears in the beginning.  All of those early steps you took have brought you to your personal “next level”.

When you get to this point it may help you to think about where you can be a year from now after you take this step.  Remind yourself of how your life will be after you’ve reached your goal.  Look back on how much success you’ve already had.  Each move you’ve made up to this point has already brought you closer to achieving success than before you started.

You can achieve whatever it is you’re reaching for and you’ll need to keep telling yourself that.  Do not give in when you start thinking that maybe your dream is beyond your reach.  That is your fear of change talking and it’s looking for permission to quit.  Instead tell yourself that you’ve made it this far and you can take this next step.

I know it’s difficult, I’m wrestling with my own personal “next level” right now.  The fact that I’ve recognized my own fear about this is helping me to push forward.  Now I focus on what I want my life to be like, and know it can be like, when I reach my goals.  I know that my next step is outside of my comfort zone and that’s also why I’m hesitant.  Regardless, I am the only one that can change my life and I will succeed at this challenge.

What are your thoughts on challenging yourself?  Have you been stuck at taking a big step to improve your life?  Or did you take that step and how did it impact you?  Let’s hear it!



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